Neovent 20-10-20 + TE

Neovent 20.10.20 + TE NPK Fertilizer
  • Neovent 20-10-20 + TE; It is a dry crystalline fertilizer that dissolves quickly and completely in water. It contains Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) as well as the most desired micro elements of plants.
  • The nitrogen source of Neovent 20-10-20 + TE consists of Ammonium and Nitrate. (It is urea free.)
  • Micro elements in Neovent 20-10-20 + TE are chelated. Thus, it is not washed and it is always in a form that can be taken for plants since it does not flicker.
  • It promotes germination and seed formation.
  • It accelerates root formation and development.
  • It increases the resistance of the plant against cold and drought.
  • Used to revive poorly growing plants
  • Since it does not contain urea, it can be used easily in all seasons of vegetables.
  • It shows the necessary changes in the plant even in cold weather conditions.
  • It does not contain Chlorine (Cl).
  • It does not cause sediment in the drip system and does not cause clogging.
  • It has high resolution and receivable capacity.
  • Does not contain heavy metals.
  • It is a fertilizer very suitable for intensive agriculture since it does not contain Chlorine (Cl) and Sodium (Na).
  • It can be used easily from leaves in sensitive products.
  • It is a specific fertilizer that can be taken quickly and shows its effect quickly.
# Plant Name Drip (de/day) Foliar (100lt.)
1 Vegetables 0,5-1,5 kg 100-200 gr
2 Fruit trees 0,5-1,5 kg 100-200 gr
3 Ornamental Plants 0,5-1,5 kg 100-200 gr
4 Strawberry, Banana 0,5-1,5 kg 100-200 gr
5 Vineyard (Per Omca) 0,5-1,5 kg 100-200 gr
6 Olives 0,5-1,5 kg 100-200 gr
7 Farm plants 0,5-1,5 kg 100-200 gr

  • 25 kg