Terrafert Grose - Cup

Liquid Copper Fertilizer Solution(Copper Sulphate Content)

Terrafert Grose-Cup copper fertilizer solution with copper sulfate content is a liquid fertilizer that can be easily absorbed by all plants.

Copper fertilizer solution Terrafert Grose-Cup stimulates the natural defense mechanism of plants and increases their resistance against fungi and other diseases that occur in humid environments. You can safely use it against copper deficiency in all kinds of fruits, vegetables and open field products.

Soil or foliar application of liquid fertilizer containing copper sulfate plays a role in the production of chlorophyll and effective photosynthesis of the plants.

Terrafert Grose-Cup, which promotes healthy and efficient development of plants with its active role in the vegetative and flowering stages, is an excellent liquid copper fertilizer solution manufactured with advanced technology in Turkey.

Terrafert Grose-Cup Packaging:
  • 1 lt