Terrafert Progency

Liquid NP Fertilizer Solution 3-25-0 + 5 Zn + TE

Terrafert Progency liquid NP fertilizer solution contributes to the development of plants during flowering and fruiting periods with its high content of phosphorus pentoxide, in addition to zinc and trace elements.

Phosphorus needs of plants increase during flowering and flower-to-fruit periods. Terrafert Progency liquid NP fertilizer solution meets the increasing phosphorus need of the plant especially during photosynthesis and root development periods, providing the energy and nutritions needed by the plants at the optimum level.

It accelerates cell division and the formation of new cells in plants for an efficient flowering period and directly affects the healthy and quality development of plant roots and flowers. It is an excellent liquid NP fertilizer solution for agriculture manufactured with advanced technology in Turkey.

Terrafert Progency Packaging:
  • 20 lt