Terrafert Liquid Alg Humus

Organic Humic & Fulvic Acid Soil Conditioner

Terrafert Liquid Alg Humus is an organic liquid soil conditioner fertilizer produced by dissolving solid, natural leonardite with potassium hydroxide.

Organic soil conditioner Liquid Humus stimulates the biological and chemical activity in the soil it is applied to, and increases the organic matter and water holding capacity of the soil. It maximizes the cation exchange capacity of the soil and accelerates the transfer of important nutrients to the plant. Leonardite based liquid humus and rooting fertilizer contributes to the development of root and upper parts of the plant and increases the yield and quality of the products.

Terrafert Liquid Alg Humus is an excellent liquid organic soil conditioner manufactured with advanced technology in Turkey.

Terrafert Liquid Alg Humus Packaging:
  • 20 lt