Terrafert Augment

Liquid NK Fertilizer Solution 3-0-30

Terrafert Augment liquid NK fertilizer solution is an agricultural liquid fertilizer that provides plants with the potassium source they need to maintain growth and reproduction. It is a liquid NK fertilizer solution formulated to increase the quality, yield, color and dry matter amount in fruits by providing the increasing potassium needs of plants during the fruit growth period.

Terrafert Augment liquid NK fertilizer, which is in 100% transferrable form with soil or foliar application methods, can be quickly absorbed by the plant. It accelerates the ripening of fruits, provides earliness, extends fruit quality and fruit shelf life.

It is an excellent liquid NK fertilizer solution for agriculture that contributes to the development of the fruit in terms of taste, aroma and color. Terrafert Augment is manufactured with advanced technology in Turkey.

Terrafert Augment Packaging:
  • 20 lt