Haifa Turbo-K 14.14.17

"Haifa Turbo-K 14.14.17"

"Mixture NPK Fertilizer Created with Potassium Nitrate"
  • Haifa Turbo-K is premium granular NPK created from Multi-K Potassium Nitrate. It is the absolute solution for Maximizing yield and plant strength.
  • Haifa Turbo-K is combined with Multi-K Potassium Nitrate and necessary macro and micro nutrients to provide your plant with extremely efficient nutrients.
  • Haifa Turbo-K mix fertilizer is ideal for open fields, greenhouses, orchards and lawn production. It has serial fertilizer technology specially produced to maximize crop yield.
Benefits of Haifa Turbo-K Mixed Fertilizers
  • It is the best quality K source based on Haifa Multi-KTM.
  • Contains carefully balanced K, Mg and S.
  • It contains the optimum balance of nitrate and ammonium.
  • Sodium and Chlorine ratio is very low.
  • Contains the right amount of Sulfur for low environmental impact.
  • The homogeneous mixture in each granule ensures regular plant nutrition.
Multi-KTM Potassium Nitrate Content
  • Adequate Potassium nutrition is essential for plant vigor, excellent yield quality and healthy growth. The Potassium in Haifa Turbo-K is derived from Multi-KTM Potassium Nitrate, which is the best source of Potassium for plants.
Combating Excess Salt in Soil
  • Too much salt in the soil affects the plant's water absorption from the soil, preventing critical physiological developments, and thus delaying growth and reducing yield. Moreover, basic ions such as Sodium (Na+) and Chloride (Cl-), which cause excessive salinization in the soil, have significant toxic effects on plants.
  • Haifa Turbo-K is low in Sodium and Chloride and functions at a low salt index. This property makes it ideal for use on salt sensitive crops as well as in hot and dry climates where salinity problems are more severe.

  • 25 kg